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I was only joking........honest!

Well at least that is the line I am taking regards the planned rework that is to be carried out on Seahouses 'Pier', now there is another pet hates!

Firstly, when is a pier a breakwater, well as we all know when it is solid, but unfortunately it is 'easy' for journalists to refer to breakwaters as piers, probably because it is easier to spell!

Okay, a pier is a structure in the water (sea or lake) that is supported by piling or legs, this type of construction allows waves and tidal water to pass unhindered by the structure and allows rather large 'conglomerations to' be supported without needing additional strength to deal with forces imparted by the sea.

A breakwater is designed specifically to impede tidal flow and waves and provide a safe haven, breakwaters tend to be stone and/or concrete and are large structures which are degraded over time as tides regularly 'rip' around the outer edges and waves batter them....

So, these two assemblies serve different purposes and are so, so different, that's a bee out from my bonnet, so to continue!



The breakwater at Seahouses which protects the outer harbour has had lots of repairs done in the recent past and I wrote an article detaiiling some works that were being conducted on the Northern arm as the light-house at the end was visibly sagging, not quite Tower of Pisa but it was starting.


I had noticed over the winter that the commissioners were drilling holes into the top of the structure, either for core samples or to have a look see with a camera, probaly because the surface appeared to be shifting and as anyone who has embarked from a boat at low(ish) water will tell there is water pouring out of the structure, a sure sign that something is amiss.

Talking with old timers and locals it is almost a joke that during the construction the gap between the two walls of the breakwater was backfilled with what-ever people wanted to get rid of, there is talk of dead horses and all-sorts......maybe this is what people were looking for!

But now we have found out that there is to be remedial work, as detailed in the article by the BBC, now for sure there are sections of the wall in the inner harbour hanging loose and in other areas large chubks of wall have fallen off so for certain the harbour needs to be re-skinned on the inner wall and I am sure that there will be similar issues on the sea-ward side.

This will solve some problems but I will be interested to find out exactly what is planned to be done regards the infill, this will probably be very difficult to fettle and will need some kind of very sloppy and slow setting concrete to be pumped into the structure at several points to try and add some structural integrity, of course this could be done before reskinning as you know that the job is done when concrete starts dripping from the wall but I have my concerns.......

As the money is diue to be paid back expect car parking fees to go up and probably something added to the boarding fees, my crystal ball says something like £1 a time but I could be wrong.........

Dive safe


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