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PADI up for sale again?

I wouldn't have purchased it in the first instance, but hey!

It seems that the group that purchased PADI not so long ago are looking to unload their purchase whilst turning a few dollars.


There are 'some' dyed in the wool PADI dive centres which seem to think that this particular organisation is the be all and end all but I have always struggled to see exactly what they bring to the sport......Advanced Diver after twenty dives for me kinda sums up their entire ethos.

The asking price is believed to be around the $1 billion mark and I am baffled as to how this is derived, usually the value of a business is based upon it's assests, be that property, people, stock or orders and potential growth and on all of these measures I can't see a value anywhere near this......

The property is only central offices they don't 'own' any of the dive centres or have any tie in where they part own bricks and mortar......

The people are just regular joes who freelance, if the instructors cross-over to SSI or similar then PADI are berift.....

The stock....a few CD's?

Orders, hmmmmm how many Open Water courses this week?

Potential growth? Don't make me laugh!

In the last couple of years PADI have tried to branch out into the technical aspects of the sport but I wouldn't trust a large number of their instructors to train anyone that I held dear, so where to grow...China? Well that is a possibility but one hell of a risk as history shows that China will simply set-up a regulated internal system themselves.

I think that Mandarin Fish the current owners have looked at the business, smelt the coffee and realised that there is no way of making any return other than slashing costs and selling on.

And the potential buyers? I guess that they believe that allying their brand to a training organisation offers benefits insofar as they will get a boot in the door at dive centres by being able to offer 'deals' on gear packages with courses.... I hope that their math trumps my gut feeling!

Dive safe (and qualifued with SSI!!)


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