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It's silly season.....again!

As well as the usual 'shark' stories we are again innundated with stories about ships that are going to be raised......

Lets start with this one, Lisbon Maru, a Japanese cargo vessel that was lost in October 1942.


She was torpedoed and as you can see from the side scan appears to be broken around the mid-ship area where she sits in about 30m of water, so why would you even think about raising the ship?

Sure remains will be there, I have dived on the sunken Japanese merchant fleet in Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon and yes there are human remains, that is to say the larger bones but the easiest way if the guy is doing a documentary and part of the process is returning remains would be to dive them out. During my dives at Truk it was clear that wrecks were quite rapidly rusting to pieces and to be blunt if anyone thinks that this vessel can be raised they are in la-la land!

The second wreck has the allure of the yellow stuff.....gold................£100 billion pounds worth to be precise!


Already various goverments are putting in claims for the 'treasure' forgetting that it is basically conjecture, oh and of course that the lost ship is sitting in 434m of water.

It is worth pointing out that the team searching for this wreck are 'unknowns' and the professional treasure seekers who have a track record in locating and lifting huge amounts of silver and gold bullion have simply not even bothered with this wreck and site. I suspect that the vessel will carry some gold, all did as 'neytral' ports always insisted on hard currency from ships that found their way in and needed supplies and fuel, but look at the situation impassivley from a distance..........

Why would the tsar as supreme leader of Russia send such a huge amount of hard currency, around 200 tonnes of it by sea? All of the way from European waters to the Far-East with the possibility of nations en-route joining Japan then intercepting and taking or sinking the vessel and treasure, this seems a strange choice when the gold could be loaded onto a train which would chug all of the way to Port Arthur, nice and safe with zero chance of interception or loss.

I could be wrong but suspect that again it's a slow news week, for sure finding a wreck of this vintage is 'wow' but don't over-egg it guys!

Dive safe


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