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Disgraceful Double Standards!

I am a diver and I have dived 'lots' of wrecks that are war graves and no-take areas and where this is the case it is and should be scrupulously observed...

However we are now being told that in the far-East ther may be an issue with WWII ships being 'recycled'


Whilst this is terrible maybe our government here in the UK could do something about the losses from the Battle of Jutland and Action 22 Septembe 1914, I am sure that most readers will be aware of Jutland but here is a link to the other action where around 1,450 sailors died....


These sites are on our doorsteps and have been heavily 'recycled' by elected european governments for both high value non-ferrous metals and pre-nuclear steel, and the UK government said nothing.............

The problem is probably that there are living relatives, however this shouldn't be the standard.

A grave is a grave is a grave!

Dive safe


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