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The Ancient Diver comes good

You might remember that over the summer we all spent some time 'ploughing' the ground looking for a B17 bomber, well 'bits' have been found using the manual mark I eyeball!

I got a message from the Ancient Diver telling me that on the way to work, whilst driving along the shore he spotted 'something'.......

We are on really low spring tides at the moment and just past where we had been checking he had spotted something sticking out of the sand in shallow water and on investigation it was the tip of a propellor plus some bits that looked like old fashioned milk boxes

B17 'missing aeroplane'

He took a GPS reading on his phone so hopefully we can pick it up on the boat when we can have a look-see when the tide is in. I must say that the photo's look good and there is most certainly 'something' under the sand just behind the propellor and as the plane was dragged from the islands to shore it is reasonable to think that the engine and propellor assembly is intact.

Now during our scan when we were using downvu rather than the old fashioned sounder we did pick something up which we joked was the tip of a propellor, it will be interesting to see if the point picks up with the new co-ordinates, we shall see when we set a new waypoint and look at the previous tracks.

The next step is to design a prop-wash to fit onto Calypso to blow out the sand, oh and of course do a site survey with a metal detector!

That's some jobs for the next weeks then............

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