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Only the needy or the greedy........

This is one of the Ancient Divers phrases to describe some of the dive boats that operate in all conditions......

And the conditions were pretty crap over the weekend, with inshore vis at a real zero, it was chocolate and you were unable to see rocks that were maybe ten centimeters under the surface. That said the usual suspects were out taking divers over to the Islands where the vis will have been 'better' but to be honest I reckon that it would be a struggle to see your fin tips even on the outer sites which are regularly washed with 'offshore water'.

In fact the conditions were so bad that I spent the day 'beach-combing' an activity restricted to times after a big 'blow' and that was quite interesting, and with my activity restricted to the beach North of Dell Point including Beadnell Haven the results were interesting.

Firstly old .303 ammunition, there was loads of it washed up, fortunately all had been fired so after collecting a bag full I shifted my search along the beach, oh and for those wondering if they can pick some up go to the rocky area directly after the northern skeer of the Haven. Strangely enough there is regularly loads of bits washing up here and for years I have threatened a dive to see what is in the shallow water, maybe a plan for 2019 if the old back improves?

Talking of the needy and greedy it was just when I had finished picking up these bits of brass that one of the commercial RIBs which operate from Beadnell went 'bashing' its way out to the Islands.......you have to wonder about the divers who will still go when the conditions are simply crap or maybe they are simply ill advised?

A little further along the beach I found more bits of scrap brass but nothing that could be identified as coming from a wreck, more likley bits lost by people having a picnic but nevertheless into the scrap brass pot they went.

The other thing that you find on this stretch of beach are fossils, more specifically bits of fossilised tubeworms and lumps of fossilised coral and whilst I have lots of the 'fist' sized lumps of coral around my place at Beadnell I always pick up the little pieces of tubeworm that have been scoured out of the rocks as they make interesting little curios.

I think that the weather has taken it's toll and that is it for shore diving in 2018, although I could be mistaken and an extended spell of settled weather may allow the dirt to drop out of the water. I know that the forecast is 'flat' for all of this week but think that the vis wont be stunning next weekend, although it will probably be around the 5m mark on the Islands providing there isn't any big groundswell!

With all of the 'stuff' that has been thrown up I am really looking forward to diving some of the inshore sites next year as I am sure that more nice trinkets will have been uncovered and who knows I may find somemore maltese Dolphins to go with the single one that I picked up early this year.

If you are planning on diving keep an eye on the weather and please............

Dive safe


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