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We don't get 'em like this in my neck of the woods!

As technology improves it is a given that we can search the depths of the oceans and find really quite old wrecks that are relatively intact.

Back when I was young when you went out wreck hunting you were lucky to have a magnetometer and a primitive depth sounder on-board, in the intervening thirty odd years there have been huge changes. Even the cheapest sounders now have a couple of modes which enable you to get an accurate view of the bottom and also details on the 'hardness' of the bottom, that is to say that the device looks into the sand or mud and shows up 'hard' anomalies.

And of course there are now great side-scan systems which you can buy for less than £3k which give images which even an untrained eye can interpret.

Anyhow, all of these advances mean nothing if you are not looking in the right area!

This 'right area' is somewhere that had ancient trade routes that were taken by boats, so for that we are dependent upon the Med, the Black Sea and that is about it..... there were trade routes to the UK where goods were traded for Cornish tin but in the shallower water around the UK older wrecks would have been battered to bits and subject to other animals which would help break down the timbers from which these ancient boats were constructed, no such problem when the vessel comes to rest about a mile down in the Black Sea.


There are a different set of sea conditions in the Baltic which means that boats are also kept frozen in a remarkable condition but these ships tend to be modern by comparison with the oldest being viking vessels from say around 800AD onwards and the other issue is that the Baltic wrecks are in much shallower water where if the locations are publicised then there is a risk that the site will be plundered.

If this ancient, deep wreck is ever surveyed in detail then I am sure it will throw up lots of interesting details which will throw light over boat construction methods and how they were sailed, who knows perhaps another pre-historic computer may be turned up?

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