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You rarely think of the 'mess'.......

Most British divers have heard of Cox of Scapa Flow or at least have an awareness of the scuttled ships which were recovered from this northern natural harbour, but does a recovered ship mean that everything is lifted?

Well obviously not, for starters if the vessel had turned turtle then the turrets or should that barbette 'fall out and crash to the sea-bed, unattached to the main wreck. The salvor would then make a decision if it was worth raising this particular 'lump'.


In order to minimise the weight of top hamper you may also find that masts were blown off, again they would be made of steel and located at arguably the worst place for stabiity when raising sunken vessels....blow em off!

When I was reading this particular article I wasn't overly surprised that areas around the former resting places of the scuttled ships would contain all manner of associated rubbish, but I was more than a little surprised to find out that these sites are not afforded similar protection to the 'part' salvaged vessels which attract so many divers to Orkney, hopefully this situation will be reversed in the near future.

When contemplating this article I was also reminded of the vessels lost during the ongoing naval battles of WW2, especially the Dutch ship which apparently 'disappeared'.


In the only side scanned image on the associated articles the 'hole' at the bottom of the Java sea had no associated debris field, I can only assume that the cost of scrap or pre-nuclear steel is so high that it was worth lifting all of the associated metalwork......

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