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It's about bloody time!

Regular readers are aware that I believe that the current method of fish-farming is an ecological disaster zone, well maybe things will improve......

The salmon farming industry is dirty, that is a given, it pollutes the local environment to the cages, infects migratory sea-trout and salmon with lice decimating local wild fish populations, it nets and removes native fish, Ballan Wrasse, to act as 'lice pickers' and for this it contributes very little to the overall exchequer. Think a mini-starbucks with more dirt.

But things could change and about time as you can see from the attached article....


When considering this industry you have to remember that they have been chased out of their native waters around Norway because of the ecological mess and have set up shop here in the UK, oh and also overseas in Chile.......it's all going well over there isn't it?


So in summary there are massive escapes in Chile from a company that is heavily involved in UK operations and the extent of the escape is such that the goverment are threatening legislation to make fish-farming very, very difficult indeed.

Let's be blunt aquaculture in it's current form cannot continue, the small fish hoovered up to feed the salmon are not efficiently converted to body mass by the salmon and are impacting the natural foodchain and a combination of escapes, farming practice and dirt are battering the local eco-systems, oh and they are shooting seals too!


In summary and to paraphrase the POTUS 'shut 'em down'

Dive safe



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