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Better nick than the wreck on 'Gun-rock'

I was looking at the news and saw that a Danish warship had been found and, well I presumed it wasn't the one that was recently involved in a collison with a tanker. As an aside...how?

The waters in this area are well known to be conducive to the preservation of wrecks, it's the salinity you see so maybe I shouldn't have been surprised to see the photos of large sections of exposed timber in quite good condition, in what appears to be shallow water or at least the photograph and life would tend to indicate that.


Based upon the BBC press release about what was found it seems that the absence of the seventy odd cannon mean that the ship was heavily salvaged to recover these expensive and important weapons....again indicating that it's all shallow.


And finally the time taken to affect the rescue implies that it was all shallow water with significant parts of the wreck sticking out of the water after she foundered.

Nevertheless an interesting find and a spur to all those looking for old vessels....they can be found and significant 'lumps' will be there!

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