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Apex predator or second in the food chain?

Regular readers will know that I forever rattle on about the presence of 'large' sharks around the British Isles, well I was proved correct regards Greenland Sharks and what about this then?

A male orca, or killer whale, has recently been spotted in Moray Firth, a popular spot for dolphins so you kind guess that he was there for a feed, well that was interesting but it was the note about his 'fluke damage' which caught my eye!


So I looked at the associated article, which helpfully had a photo of the damaged area;


Scratching my head and trying to scale the fluke which I guess is just over 2m long I think that the bite radius is around 40cm, so not too big to have come from a porbeagle shark, which are resident around our islands but more likely from it's larger cousin....

So that would be either a mako, again known to inhabit the southern areas of the UK or Great White, suspected to be around North West Scotland with a few credible sightings.

Another article that I read was celebrating the presence of blue fin around our coast and discussing the options regards anglers, again Great Whites predate tuna and it is the staple food for the sharks in the Med so maybe tuna have spread out from the med and their predators have also moved with them?

Whatever the reason, an interesting development....

oh and....

Dive safe



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