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Winter Project 2019.....part two

After getting the lump of oak cut it was then just a case of joining it together...... (that's a 'just')

As always things never go smoothly and this timber was as hard as the hobs of hell but we got it mitred and joined, we had decided that we would use some of the tree nails from the scrap pieces to fill the holes so that the only 'holes' at this stage were on the pieces of timber at the end of the joined lump, and they were going to come off any-way, right?


As is often the case when the parts were married up the non-joined ends were a bloody mess as you can see from this first picture and because the oak was so old and tough they were also bloody sharp, so it was out with a pin, string and pencil to try and make it a bit 'safer' and also a more pleasing shape. As you can see below it is actually quite a nice piece, maybe just over a meter long and about fifty centimeters wide and the first photo shown above is after a couple of layers of 'preservative' and thereapon lies a tale!

I am not an expert in wood finishing and would probably best be described as a 'very well informed amateur', that said a decorator friend of mine once told me that I would be able to make a good living as a wood-finisher and I can turn my hand to making a very good surface using most finishes, be that wax, french polish, danish oil, tung oil, you name it I can choose it and use it but this was an odd-ball. It was oak that had been sawn and sanded a significant number of hundred years after it had been felled and dried so what to use? I tried on several forums but the people that I interacted with couldn't get it into their heads that it was so old and untreated, some thought it was just 'bog oak' whilst others were convinced that I was talking about a reworked piece of tudor furniture and the cultural vandalism that entailed. Trying to get over that this was a lump of wood that had been in the sea for some time before being cast on the beach and spending a century or two in a sand dune prior to being uncovered was just tooooooo hard and it became apparent that most of the self appointed 'experts' were less knowledgeable than me.

close up light 

So after three layers of Danish Oil this is the finish that I had, quite good don't you think? Well I am quite happy with it and reckon that I will give it a final dust over with super fine wire wool, a rub down with a tack rag and white spirit before adding a final fine layer which has been well thinned with white spirit so it drys and hardens in double quick time.

That is the wood finished and the next job is the base, we are looking at a bespoke bit of wrought iron so that should be an interesting finale, especially as the sea has been flat and I just may start getting the odd 'cheeky' splash in!

4,000 by fifty.......it's got to be on the cards!

Dive safe













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