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Another incomer to cope with?

I saw this article and shook my head........

Things change and we have to accept that. however when a non-native species is introduced the results can be shocking, think freshwater crawfish in the uk where the American signal craw has almost totally replaced the native species, the introduction of grey squirrels has greatly diminished the presence and range of the native red squirrel. I could go on and on but now we have another potential newcomer....


Currently this one is 'only' around Spain where the warmer water suits it as it doesn't retreat into a hole and hide out the winter, but based on this statement and looking at its range how long before it works it way up the European coast to the UK, or indeed it is brought in ballast from Spain to UK ports?

Lots of potential horror stories reported by the press do not 'come to be', examples being the big story that all ash trees in the UK would die, lets hope, with a very selfish hat on, that this particular crustacean stay in Spain!

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