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A lost Dutch Trader refound!

The bottom of the North Sea is covered with lost vehicles, some interesting, others not so....

It seems that this one was found by accidentt!


The only time when hi-tech equipment is used to conduct searches in the North Sea is when there is a financial imperative and in this case cargo containers were lost overboard and whilst the contents are probably spoiled this exrcise is most likley driven by insurance companies who simply do not believe the manifests supplied by the guys and gals who lost the containers.

I have often thought that an R&D exercise to conduct searches along the commonly used sea-lanes of medieval times would yield a significant amount of potential wreck sites and whilst the work would be best carried out in either deep water where the wooden wrecks wouldn't get destroyed by normal sea conditions or indeed on the continental side of the North Sea where the 'muddy' conditions would be more conducive to wrecks being covered and protected it would be more interesting in a historical rather than diving sense.

So there you go more artefacts pulled from the deeps, I wonder if the Fugger family claim rights to this lost cargo or the parts end up in a Dutch museum!

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