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I suppose that some may be offended.....

But why, these lumps have always been an 'Asset'....

Of course I am refering to the unsalvaged remnants of the German High Seas Fleet which was scuttled in the 'secure' anchorage of Scapa Flow in Orkney one hundred years ago:


At the moment no salvage takes place on these ancient behemoths of the sea but they are basically the ships left behind by Cox as 'too difficult' to salvage intact and subsequent generations of salvage teams, for that read owners, have taken bits and pieces to the extent that the hulls were so perforated that lifting the vessel in its entireity simply isn't feasible.

So what do you get for your £800k, yup that is the asking price on Ebay?

As owner the 'right' to conduct penetration diving, I am not sure why but you could enter your wrecks to have a look or try and pick up 'trinkets' which you would then do with as you wish.

As owner you should be able to salvage 'lumps' should there be an increased market for pre-nuclear steel, that is to say that all steel 'made' after the fruition of the Manhatten Project is 'tainted' with nuclear fall-out and not suitable for certain applications in medical and space technologies so for these industries there is a demand for old steel which can only be recovered from the seas and oceans where it has been protected from the effects of nucler fallout.

Oh and the bragging rights when you sit in a pub in Orkney or I guess anywhere!

If I had dropped the Euromillions lottery I may well have bought these wrecks but until then they are on the market, maybe a German Industrialist will buy them as part of his countrys heritage?

Dive safe!



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