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Winter Project 2020........part one

As always I was thinking about what to bugger about with this year and I ahd a flash of inspiration.......or something

Yup, I would construct a cannon!

It wasn't a very hard decision after the original brainwave, sure I would need to buy some brass to machine the barrel but most other bits and pieces were readily available......

Oak for the carriage...check, I have some bits left over from the project in 2019 where I built a table out of a piece of very, very old driftwood/shipwreck bit and that turned out very well indeed!

Winter '18/'19 Project

And as an after-thought I really do need to apply somemore danish oil to keep the lustre and protection at appropriate levels, I don't think that it has been treated since the spring so there's a little job to be thinking about next time I am up in Beadnell.

Having taken some on-line shots from a cannon company in the USA where they are working models of signal cannons I was faced with a bit of a quandry, the material required to make an exact replica would set me back about £140, that was for a cannon that was the equivalent of a '12 bore', after a bit of scratching I decided to scale things down to '410' gauge, this is a little of 10mm diameter and at the end of the barrel the overall diameter was going to be around 25mm, so wall thickness of around 15mm.

Spending time calculating the thickness of the barrel and taper required I was fortunate that the 1st containment would be around 38mm diameter so no problems keeping the walls to an adequate thickness, off setting the damn blank by 1.4degrees on the lathe was a rather tougher ask but I managed in the end!

Winter '19/'20 Project

So that was the metal in WIP and it was an eventful few days heading out to the shed, powering up the lather and taking away metal but eventually the cannon started to take shape, although the trunions would still be an issue as would machining a ball on the cascabel.

The woodwork was much easier, I got the Ancient Diver to cut the bits of oak down to 20mm square sections which I then cut to length and glued/pinned together making a period carriage that was protected with Tung oil, this gives a nice matt/satin finish which I though would be more understated than Danish oil which has a bit of gloss to it!

So there you go, well on the way and hopefully done by the middle of january, but is it worth test firing with some wet paper? Who knows!

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