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Another winter project......

Following on from my back operation in 2018 recovery has been a bit slow so with diving dried up due to UK winter conditions it has been time to start hitting those weights.....

But to what extent? I remember years ago, 2010 I think it was when I was working on the Indian Sub-continent that I reduced my weight to the 90kg mark and it was damned cold when I got back to diving in the UK as I had lost all of my 'bioprene', so the target this year is going to be down to a steady 95kg.

So how am I going to get down to that level, well I have gone and joined a local gym, which has a national footprint and it's going well so far, but first who have I decided to use?


The problem with some gyms is that they are full of 'meat-heads' hurling large amounts of metal about and whilst this was me in my early 20's when I was actively playing Rugby at quite a high level here and now I have to be very, very careful about lifting too much weight if it is acting in a compressive fashion.

The main great thing about this set-up is that you can just go in and 'do your thing' with weights that are suitable for what you are trying to achieve, super!

The next advantage for a guy like me who wants to visit at 'odd' times is that they are open 24/7 so that means I can call in at 'silly o clock' before I set off to work on a Monday morning, sure you may be the only person there but so what?

Will losing a bit of weight help me next diving season? Who knows, I have already adjusted my dive kit configuration to minimise weight acting through my shoulders and spine so no longer do I use a weight harness I now use a belt so that the weight is applied at waist level below the site of the operation. I am hoping that it will allow me to start using 12l tanks for my general shore diving in the summer so I can get back to 90 minute dives!

Oh and as an aside next dive is at Ullswater looking for more old bottles, and then off to the Wishing Well!

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