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They still shoot seals you know BUT they have lost their right to anonymity!

A bit of a development as reported in a 'Scottish paper' regards the ongoing struggle with Salmon farms and native life. I have copied verbatim.

Scottish ministers have been ordered to reveal the names of fish farms that shoot seals, and the number of animals killed, after trying to keep the information secret.

Rosemary Agnew, the Scottish Information Commissioner, rejects as 'tenuous' the SNP case for secrecy. In a report published today, Ms Agnew announces her disappointment at the governments failiure to prove the argument that the public would be put at risk if details were published.

More than 300 seals have been killed by some or all of eight goverment licensed fish-farming companies since the start of 2011. Now the numbers killed by individual companies will have to be published by January 10, though ministers could appeal to the court of sessions on a point of law.

The government has claimed that the information could not be published because of fears that direction by animal rights campaigners could put those responsible in danger.

This was disputed by anti-fish farming campaigners, and has been dismissed by Ms Agnew, "The commissioner accepts that the killing of seals is an emotive subject and one which could conceivably lead to direct action by protesters", she writes in her ruling "However, in relation to potential threat to public safety, the ministers have not provided evidence which would support a view that public safety would be threatened."

A spokesman for the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, which appealed against the governments refusal to name names, said "The public will be able to avoid buying salmon from farms where seals are killed needlessly".

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation accused activists of making veiled threats, "We remain concerned about the welfare of individuals who may be targeted" said Scott Landsburgh, the chief executive. "Farmers are legally required to protect stock. A rogue seal can kill thousands of fish".

By John Simpson

So, rather interesting although I have no doubt that the Scottish Government will appeal, what with China now boycotting the import of Scandanavian salmon due to the actions of the Nobel Prize committee there is an awful lot of trade of salmon between China and Scotland which 'supports' jobs but gives zero tax to the exchequer (shades of Starbucks!). For more details you can follow the link below:


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