Bigblue Focusing-Spotting Light

I have always had a little bit of an issue with getting critters which are hidden away in dark cracks into focus and making sure that the exposure was ‘good’, I am sure that there are ways and means that camera experts would propose but to a simple soul like myself I like a nice easy way forward and I think that this product the AL 1x5 AFO LED Focusing Light from Bigblue offers just that!

Firstly as a stand-alone price this focusing light doesn’t look too highly priced, after all it’s a high quality piece of kit with added electronics, but beware guys you need to clamp this onto your camera set-up so budget £150.00 and you won’t be too far away.

Providing that you have put new batteries (that’s three AAA cells) before your dive trip there will be enough power for a couple of hour log dives, as the on/off switch is the ubiquitous twisting of the battery cap method I always switch this style of torch to on before I enter the water to prevent, or at least minimise the chance of water ingress, using it in this way also allows the use of this torch as a video light…..just a shame I didn’t have this kit before my first visit to Truk Lagoon.

As for depth rating, not an issue, this focusing light is rated to 100m, much deeper than 99.9% of divers will ever need!

The manufacturers blurb advises that The new Bigblue focusing/spotting light has an advanced auto flash off function that prevents any light leakage from your torch. The Bigblue spotting light will quench automatically upon detecting a flash being fired what this basically means, to the average idiot, is that you can spot your subject, focus the camera using the focusing light and when you press the button the focusing light will extinguish as the strobes ‘flash’ making sure that the subject and photograph are not overexposed, genius!

I didn’t believe that it worked at this price, so when I bought the focusing light spent some considerable time in a darkened room, nothing unusual, playing with my camera set-up and you know what, it works!

Picture 001
The lamp on my set-up, don't forget the new clamp!

So if you want to take your photography slightly beyond a point ‘n press compact camera in a pocket then this could be the widget for you, it really will get rid of frustration when you are trying for those ‘critters in cracks’ shots.

Richies Ratings 9/10:  for divers who want to push their photography a little further

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