Archon D33 torch

I have been scratching my head and considering buying a higher capacity ‘non-umbilical’ primary dive torch for some time for those occasions when the depth and darkness doesn’t need my all singing all dancing umbilical unit and for night dives from the shore in the UK. After looking around I decided to get an Archon D33, as the specification certainly makes it appear value for money.


However when trawling some of the more obscure dive forums it appears that there is a school of thought that the design has been ‘copied’ from a design marketed in Spain, whilst an underhand trick that’s the risk of sending designs to be manufactured in low cost countries and if Apple are unable to shut down such operations there is simply no chance for the small independent designer to do anything.

So, what do you get for your money, well quite a package considering that you will tend to pay about £275:-

The torch
Rechargeable cells (3 off)
Battery charger
Carrying pack

My first impressions were very positive, then I started spotting ‘issues’, for starters the kit is supplied with a European two pin plug according to trading standard the kit should be supplied with a converter to UK three pin. Then the charger……you have three cells and a charger which can charge one cell at a time, inconvenient.

Well if my first impressions weren’t good my second impressions weren’t so great either as the battery charger didn’t work!

How does it work in the water, well when I get a charger I will update this review!

Richies rating 2/10 the case looks good! This may change depending on how the rest of the testing goes!!

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