The Dive Pod (Nuttys Dive Centre)

Long before Nuttys Dive centre came into being I was using one of these dive pods, they will be of limited interest to non-rebreather divers, but all of you tech-divers, read on!

Rebreathers are bulky and expensive pieces of equipment which can be very awkward to work on, even more so when the two built in cylinders are removed, certainly this is the case with my APD Inspiration evo. Over the years when prepping the unit I have used various set-ups, the most 'solid' of which was a rather precarious balancing act on the tailgate of my vehicle with the unit held in place with a couple of bungees. It would only take one little problem and the entire Heath Robinson affair would have come crashing to the ground.

The dive pod, however will help you set-up and maintain your equipment with the unit held securely in position, in the correct orientation with the counter-lungs held away from the main body of your unit, the unit is not simply held by the harness there is also a 'shelf' which the base of the unit drops onto giving some support to your unit and making sure that it wont twist when you are trying to reassemble it.

IMG 5840
It also has two holders which allow the diluent and O2 cylinders to be removed and kept safe and secure in the work area, adding their weight to the base of the pod giving extra stability, plus there is an additional 'shelf' with rigs which you can fit in a couple of small bail out rigs, I use small 5l steel bail-outs, if you are a disciple of 12l aluminium tanks this shelf may not be big enough.
IMG 5841

The pod is made from steel box section which, on my 'old' pod, is galvanised and then painted (powder coated?) this means that it's certainly strong enough and will not bend or distort under the weight of the unit. The corrosion protection also means that you can put a wet unit up on the dive pod with no long term problems of rusting over years of use. It is most certainly 'man enough' for the job!

The dive pod also claims to make donning of equipment 'easier', I'm not quite sure if I would take the pod on a boat or even to one of the inland dive sites but I do agree that used on a flat, even surface it does making donning your box easier. Maybe Nuttys should also offer a pod that could be secured on a dive boat, there are currently some really, really amusing sights watching guys trying to get into their equipment on a boat that is being subject to six degrees of movement.

I have attached a link to the web-site showing the dive pod and you can form your own opinions:-

Richies ratings 7.5/10, ideal for working on your unit but not sure if its really designed for 'outside work'

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