Eezycut Trilobite Cutter

Every diver needs some equipment that can be used to cut fishing line and monofilament nets, I hesitate to say lost trawling nets are these are visible and should/can be avoided, for years the choice was simple, 'what kind of dive sword do you want', now things are changing and there are lots of choices with this being one of them.

I carry a variety of cutting devices when I dive, my life may just depend on them.....a knife on the left shoulder of my BCD, a pair of shears in my left thigh pocket and one of these trilobite cutters on the right shoulder of my BCD, each of these cutting devices has a use although fortunately I have only ever had to use the shears.

I really do like the trilobite and when limited to a single device where knives are 'banned' such as National parks in Egypt I would have no hesitation in carrying just the cutter, I used to prefer the shears but I have had a pair 'give up the ghost' when the central steel pin rusted out, but being manufactured from stainless steel (440a grade for all you geeks out there) and plastic the trilobite will not rust and will not fall apart providing you give it a cursory wash in fresh water and add a little grease when it has fully dried after every dive.

As part of your initial purchase you will receive a spare set of blades, if you keep these with your box of dive spares along with a small flat screwdriver you should be able to swap out the blades should they become damaged or worn. I would recommend swapping the blades on an annual basis but I know that I am guilty of forgetting...........

The cutter is small, unobtrusive and fitted with a loop allowing it to be secured to its holder with the all important length of cord, meaning that you can carry it in a variety of positions with options for wrist, harness and flexi-pouch mounting available. With a number of colours available from 'tekkie black' to 'girlie pink' there is nothing not like about this product, including the price, at less than £20, so buy one, it might just save your life!

Picture 011

My trilobite is in hot orange and web-mounted.

A final piece of advice, don't try to 'feel' how sharp the blade actually is.......just believe the blurb and save your pinkies from damage, if you really want to test the edge then use a piece of anglers monofilament fishing line, it will cut through like a knife through butter!

Richies Rating 10/10 just get one!

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