Metalsub XRE1000 torch

Everyone needs a good torch, how much you spend depends on your exact requirements, is it just for aditional lighting on shallow dives and perhaps warm water 'night' dives? Is it a primary torch for tekkie diving or do you want something that can be a back up tekkie torch and cover everything else, kind of a 'cross over torch'. This offering from Metalsub fits in the last category, why? Well read on......

I have owned this torch since they were released in the UK and among my southern tech dive buddies they are the back up torch of choice, this may be because they all use metalsub umbilicals as primaries and they are 'tackle-tarts' but even ignoring that possibility this is a good torch.

torch 001

The usual strange handle a la moi

The torch has two 'meaningful' settings, at 100% and 33% you can set it for strobe but why would you? At these settings and with a fully charged battery you get about 2hrs and 4hrs burn-time, with an output of 700 lumens at the higher power.

If you compare these figures with the Archon D33 which has 3000 lumens for 4.5 hours you could argue that there is no comparison, especially with the Archon coming in at £30 cheaper, but there remain concerns over the long term reliability of the Archon......I would be confident in using the Archon as a primary but as a secondary, well currently I would struggle to make that configuration choice.

The other area where the Metalsub wins is in construction, or more accurately in the battery charging arrangement. Whereas in many torches you remove batteries, charge them and reassemble the torch, hoping that you haven't damaged any of the o'rings or introduced dust to the sealing faces the XRE1000 has sockets built into the back of the torch where you plug in the charger. No dis-assembly and risk of leaks, ideal for cack handed divers like myself!

torch 002

You need too push the straps to one side to get to the charging port

The design of the charging arrangement also means that the on/off function does not depend on screwing down the battery end cap, the XRE1000 has a large plastic rotary switch as an intgral part of the rear face of the torch which is easy to actuate at any depth. I do find that the battery end cap method of switching on torches is fraught with danger on back-up torches....if you are already stressed and a little narked which way is on and which way to allow water in......also at depth the pressure differences can make switching on quite difficult.

A final point on storage, the battery on this torch is a lithium-mangan item which does not like being left for any period of time in a discharged condition so please make sure that you store the torch charged to maximise the battery life! It only takes five hours to charge from empty so there really is no excuse to store the torch in anything but a nearly fully charged condition.

Richies Ratings 8/10, a better (more reliable and easier to use) back-up torch than the Archon D33 but if you want a primary I would strongly recommend that you take a close look at the Archon.

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