Jotron AQ 4 Strobe

Strobes are one of divings 'great dividers' I always carry some but it drives me mad when divers attach one to their BCD and having it flashing away when diving but I have never really like discos. Some of the 'mickey mouse' strobes are really cheap and nasty but what about this offering from Jotron?

I always carry strobes......lots of strobes and always secured in pairs, as 'one in none' and always with a line clip attached, you can never have too many!


A selection of my strobes

I must admit that I use strobes only for marking things, so a shot-line which I must get back too for group decompression, or the way out of a deep and dark place and it really is heartwarming to see the flashing of your strobes as you get back to where you need to be!

The Jotron AQ4 is commonly used by the military and emergency services all over the world and the last batch that I bought were ex-forces, at less than half the price of new units and with no visible damage it seemed to good an opportunity to miss.

Depth rated to 500m there is no issue with tekkies using this unit and offering an advertised endurance of about 12 hours at 50 flashes per minute with each flash ~36,000 lumens its plenty bright enough. On a personal level I change the C cell battery after every second dive, I want the strobe to be as bright as possible and not dimming as the dive progresses.

A single array of two strobes complete with clip
The only downside to the unit is the lack of clipping points, you do get a length of velcro with each unit but that isn't really suitable for clipping onto shot-lines, hence the clip from narked@90, to fasten units together I simply cable tie and then add sikaflex, there is no way that they will come apart!

The sealing arrangement at the base uses the rubber o rings arrangement so commonly seen on torches and with a separate on/off switch you don't run the risk of flooding as you try to switch the strobes on by tightening, or is that loosening the cap.

All in all a well designed, engineered and produced piece of kit, there is athe additional cost of a clipping arrangement but once set-up the strobes will last you a diving life time. An additional benefit is that these are so bright that Average Joe wouldn't want to clip them to his BCD!

The only comparable strobe is the pathfinder from narked@90 which is a superb piece of kit worthy of a 10/10 rating, the only drawback is that this is twice the price of the Jotron strobe, doubling up you could have two pairs rather than one......but if money is no object then give these guys a call!

Richies Ratings 9/10: Only let down by a lack of clipping potential

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