Waterproof G1 3mm 5 Finger Gloves

Gloves, who needs 'em?

Well up until 2 years ago not me, to this point I would dive bare-handed believing that the extra feeling outweighed the cold and to an extent I was right.

The problem is that with the onset of old-age I really do now feel the cold in my joints, still believing that I need to be able to 'feel' my kit I have tended to use gloves from waterproof which have been great.

These 3mm gloves are suitable for year round use by old salts like my goodself who never wore gloves and by mere mortals who only dive around the UK in the summer months, they do offer some thermal protection but if you feel the cold go for the 5mm three finger mitts, and if you're Plymouth born and bred I'm sure the nice men will do a six finger version.......

My style of diving is such that I get perhaps two seasons from a pair of gloves before I wear away the finger tips and despite Waterproof adding a 'kevlar weave' I don't expect any massive increase in life, bashing around over barnacle covered rocks does tend to age neoprene gloves!

The section of thin material, kind of a bellows, on the top wrist of the glove is orange and to be blunt I was a little non-plussed with this splash of colour, the reason dawned just pre-dive a couple of weeks ago.......if you can see orange then the gloves aren't zipped up, simple and effective!


You can see the 'obvious' orange section and the 'curve' to the gloves demonstrates some styling by Waterproof

In common with most products from Waterproof the gloves are styled and shaped, I am not really sure if this makes a huge difference on 3mm gloves although I am sure it helps on thicker products for guys and gals who feel the cold, you can see this styling as the unworn glove does have a pronounced almost hand shape unlike other gloves which when unworn are simply 'flat'.

There is a small plastic tag on both gloves which makes it easier to don your second glove, trying to pull thin neoprene can be a chew and this certainly helps.

What else can you say about gloves? They are reasonably robust and I can manage about 500 UK dives before they die, it's the finger tips that give out so teckkies can cut off the first and middle fingers to use them on deeper dives where you need a modicum of thermal protection plus the ability to 'feel' that you are pressing buttons on your box.

Richies Rating 9/10; they do the job well.

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