Halcyon Gaiter Wraps

A little bit of a 'why' when these first appeared on the market and then I thought, 'give them a try'! So after I've used them what do I think of em?

I must be honest I don't suffer from 'buoyant feet', I suppose that this is a combination of optimised weighting and a tailor made suit, these two things mean that I am not pumping my suit full of air to achieve neutral buoyancy and a limited space in my foot pocket means any air migration is a minor niggle rather than full blown panic.


The gaiters, worn on the way for a shore dive

That said when I am 'being aware' and recycling anglers lost weights I do spend the thick end of an hour head down and I occasionally need to right myself, have a 'good shake' and start again to redistribute air which has migrated to the highest point!

For people who do suffer the problem of buoyant feet there are a number of soloutions, heavy rubber fins, ankle weights or even, heaven forbid adopting a 'safe' feet down swimming position. All of these work but have disadvantages, be that carrying extra weight or stirring up the bottom for other divers. These gaiters will help in reducing the actual and perceived movement of air to your feet without the need for heavy fins or ankle weights, for that reason alone they are worthy of consideration.

In common with most 'tekkie' style equipment these gaiters are available in black and ermmmm, black although this is not a huge issue as most drysuits are black and even the 'multicoloured' variety don't look any more ridiculous being black from the knees down.

In common with most 'good ideas' there are several makers who now provide gaiters, an internet search will provide details on the usual suspects. I feel that these are better than the other offerings due to the 'air constriction system'. Whilst most of the manufacturers (Dive rite) use several narrow bands of elasticated material with hard plastic clips Halycon have gone the extra mile and used four, wide, overlapping bands of elasticated material which reduces 'point stress' on calves and provides a very large sealing surface, making them the comfortable option.

A potential bonus of this large area which is being 'gently' compressed is a reduction in calf cramping. I do suffer from cramps if I am doing repeat dives with zero surface interval and I must say that I have noticed that the cramps have just disappeared with my calves being gently compressed by what is in effect an elasticated stocking.

When putting on these gaiters I did think that it might be useful to have a basic instruction for the 'hard of thinking' to say 'Halcyon badge to the front and top', the gaiters are tapered. Oh and if the velcro joint is on the inside of your calves they may rub open and cause issues if they start clagging your legs together, obvioulsy only a problem for those who do traditional up 'n down kick rather than something more extravagent but a valid point.

At around £100 this offering from Halcyon isn't necessarily the cheapest item of 'additional or nice to have' equipment but you might be able to balance the cost of these against an off-the peg dry-suit which isn't a perfect fit around tour legs!

Richies Rating 9/10, if only they were a little less expensive.....................


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