'J Nowill' SBS Titanium Dive Knife

Or maybe that should be dive sword?

First a point of my chest, I don't use this knife (for diving), I didn't buy it and I wouldn't have. I tend to think that some of the more macho divers use knives as penis extensions, I much prefer shears and trilobites cutters but hey ho!


An SBS dive sword

If you are in the market for a biiiiiiig dive knife this may be just what you need. Not only is it large and sharp but it is manufactured and supplied to the Mod for SBS and other branches of the service that dive.

The blade is double edged, a normal blade and a serrated back, so there is no specific line cutting 'notch', that said providing you keep the knife sharp with a cutting edge of around seven inches it should be possible to cut fishing line with a single 'slashing' motion and not have to saw through it.

The serrated section is honed to a very sharp edge so it is 'usable' for cutting snags and line.

There is a hole towards the end of the handle so that you can add your own lanyard, these knives are expensive and the last thing you would want is to loose it! There is no associated hole in the plastic scabbard but there are plenty of areas where you can attached the fixed end of the line.

The scabbard and indeed knife is so large that it is only really practical to strap it to your ankle, I found the straps that were supplied to be no good and replaced them with bungee to make fitting and removal easier and to add security, there is no way that ths could work over your fin and foot, but the small straps could easily have become disconnected.

I acquired this knife from Puffin Dive Centre in Oban and should you decide that this is the 'dive tool for you' these guys do offer a service where they will glue and stitch a pocket in place on the thigh of your dry-suit to hold the knife and sheath, it may be worth the extra cash for this dry-suit change if you decide to go down this route.

The knife slides into the scabbard (or should that be sheath?) and is held in place with a rubber ring which slips over the handle, old school but effective, so providing you have put the knife back in correctly it will be held securely in place.

This knife was bought from Puffin Diver Centre and cost around £100, so it wasn't cheap and I had a good look on their web-site and couldn't find the same product, perhaps they don't stock them anymore? I am sure that they would confirm if you gave them a bell.

A major draw back with any dive knife is the potential of falling foul of current laws about carrying knives, I would strongly recommend that this knife be kept with your dive gear at all times should you buy it....a discussion with an overzealous plod may lead to a whole mountain of problems!

In summary, should you want the 'biggest, baddest' knife on the boat then this is very probably the knife for you, especially with its SBS pedigree. If you want usable cutting gear then it may be cheaper to go down the shears and trilobite route......

Richies rating 10/10, if you want a big knife this is the daddy......


Richies rating 4/10 if you want effective cutting gear look towards shears and a trilobite, much cheaper and much more effective.

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