Beaver Tech Weight Harness

Beaver have a bit of a reputation for 'cheap and nasty', possibly unjustified (despite their shears!!!) but how does their weight harness rate?

Update 1st November 2016, after four seasons use and about eight hundred dives the harness has given up the ghost and 'died', this hasn't changed my rating and to most UK divers 800 dips is pretty much a lifetime!

I bought this harness in the certain knowledge that it was webbing, clips 'n canvas so the extra cost of more prestige branded equipment couldn't be justified....I was right!


The Harness in its Glory

Now lets get a few things straight, firstly I wouldn't want to dive with this piece of kit straight out of the box you do need to do some work, so don't bowl onto a dive boat and expect an easy time setting up the harness cos guys it doesn't work like that!

As it's very much a one size fits all piece of equipment there are various adjustable buckles, you should put on your dry-suit and get everything set just nicely and then remove the excess webbing, seal the free ends and secure everything with a good coating of aquasure, that cure for all problems aquatic.

There are two chest clips that need this treatment and a clip situated in the middle of your back, while the scissors are out you can also shorten the main securing strap, there really is nothing worse than large amounts of webbing flapping about. Once you have conducted this initial butchering you are left with a harness which is a good fit, with nothing that will slip or slide, just perfect.

The pockets are secure, I haven't had any issues with slippages over the course of loads of dives, and have a capciity of I would say 16kg in total if you use shot pouches, this should be enough for even the fattest UK diver who loves to dive with plenty of air in his suit. I am not sure if they would be easy to quickly 'rip out' in the event of an emergency because of the multi-velcro arrangement, that said it wouldn't be especially difficult to open the outer velcro and then take out the weights.

The pouches and pockets are robust and well designed with various drainage holes allowing seawater to quickly drain from the harness at the end of your dive, if like me you use shot pouches there is always a bit of residual water however there wont be a large 'sloosh' either on you or your car when you lift the harness at the end of the day.

The system still has quick release clips located at the 'bottom of rib-cage area', ideal if you are wearing a wing type arrangement but not so good with a traditional waistcoat type BCD, although that said with a BCD it would be nigh on impossible to remove the weight pockets, so perhaps an weight system integrated with the BCD would be a better option?

In life its rare that someone, somewhere cant make something cheaper or 'nastier' and whilst Beaver do have this reputation, I can honestly say that in this case their product does stack up against anything on the market!

On the price front this bit of kit at £46 compares very favourably against the DUI equivalent which is around £120 the Bowstone equivalent which is around £80 or the Halcyon pockets which are £110. I would say in this case it represents very good value for money even though the badge say Beaver and not one of the more tekkie brands!

Richies rating 9.5/10; It could be better 'fitted' but for the price what do you expect!

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