Highland EMT Shears

At last a pair of shears which are all stainless so no rusty hinge pin, but how do they measure up?

Ok, firstly these are near identical to every other set of shears on the market and in a new condition cut everything that you present to them, the big difference are the red handles and the stainless hinge pin.


Shears and the 'sheath', hmmmmn

The shears have identical blade construction as the less expensive Beaver shears, which are idea until the centre pin rusts through. Going technical for a minute this corrosion is made worse due to the influence of 'galvanic corrosion', which is basically where two different metals are touching one can rapidly corrode due to the different electrical potential. No such issues with this pair!

My only bugbear with these shears is the sheath, pouch, call it what you will, it's crap! The plastic packet which the shears are supplied in is of no use what-so-ever so you are reduced to clipping them to your kit, or if you are like me recycling the Beaver sheath which is remarkably good.

These retail at around £18 which is nearly twice as much as the equivalent from Beaver or other 'cheap n nasties', the thing is these will last forever, yes you need to was them in fresh water but if you are on a weekend diving and leave them strapped to your BCD on a boat you wont turn up on the Sunday to a rusty mess, trust me this happens with the Beaver shears!

Shears are ideal for cutting most of the monofilament snags which cover many wrecks but I would still recommend carrying a trilobite cutter as it's much faster and efficient in cutting through any lost monofilament drift or tangle net.

Guys who dive HMS Scylla may remember the large net which closed this wreck for quite a time a couple of years ago.........a trilobite costs less than 1/5 of a days boat diving and is a useful addition to the cutting armoury.

Richies rating 8/10, would be an ideal 10 if there was a useable sheath, but seriously consider buying and retaining shears as part of your cutting armoury, they are quick and easy to use on lost fishing line, be that braid or monofilamet, both of which cut like cheese wire and you shouldn't attempt to snap them by wrapping around your gloves....honest!

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