Miflex Hoses

I was going to add 'does anyone not use them?' in the title, they really are now pretty standard, but how good are they?

Before discussing their benefits I thought that I would give some 'failure information' on these hoses so you can get some sort of persepective:-

I have used 'low pressure' hoses for a total of 2,700 hours and so far no failures; and
I have used 'high pressure' hoses for a total of 675 hours and so far one (1) failure:

The single failure was this year after 500+ hours and was 'mid-hose', now I know that Miflex reported issues around the crimped end to the hose but this wasn't the problem which I encountered. Having stripped the hose I can see no obvious reason why and I have put it down to 'one of those things', I can only assume that some time when my kit was in transit the hose was kinked and this introduced a weak-spot.

For the average diver a hose life of ~500 hours should be more than adequate, to put this in context that is five years at 100 dives per year........ten years at 50 dives per year so for the average guy life should not be an issue.

For the average diver the hoses from Miflex offer two benefits, mass and flexibility, they are much lighter than the good old fashioned 'rubber hoses' and for those making a low weight flight to Egypt a saving of a kilo or so can be very useful.

The most obvious benefit and the one which endears them to grizzled old UK divers like me is their flexibility, this flexibility means reduced tiring of jaw muscles if you are doing long or multiple dives, it means routing of the octoplus hose (if you use one) is much easier, the high pressure hose is low diameter and easy to secure with a snap link onto your kit, basically kit configuration becomes easier to have it how you want it, this can be no bad thing.

Another benefit for the anally challenged or kit tarts is the possibility to colour code your kit, you can make the octopus hose yellow, dry-suit inflate blue and BCD inflate red, the possibilities are endless and yes I do fit in the former camp, well to some degree, on my rebreather rig the feed from my O2 cylinder to bailout is green, the idea of inadvertently plumbing in pure oxygen to my bailout at any depth greater than 6m isn't an idea that fills me with joy!

An added bonus with the miflex hose is that it comes complete with a useful waterproof bag, ideal to hold phone and car keys if you are on a boat trip. Now the bag probably isn't something that I would buy as a single item but it must have some value, how much you think it is worth, well it's your call.

In life, it is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, well there are a few companies now offering hoses which are virtually identical to the milfex product, I am not sure if they are better or worse but they are available and some dealers will sell you a competitors hose if you ask for a 'miflex hose', I guess that miflex is divings hoover......

Richies rating 10/10 : not alot you can say, robust and in every way better than the old rubber hoses.

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