Halcyon 'H' Titanium Knife

I do like Halcyon kit, it's generally thought to be expensive but is good quality and will last. So what do I think of this particular BCD accessory, as it is termed?

Firstly the age of dive swords has gone, it is rare to see divers with huge knives strapped to their calves, some of my peer old boys still dive with broadswords but generally to get you out of trouble you need a small very sharp knife and a pair of shears, that said you will find a review for the daddy of dive knives on this site......

Secondly lets get the thorny issue of cost addressed, you can expect to pay around £68 for one of these knives, this compares relatively favourably with other very similar offerings, infact very favourably with the options being:-

Atomic Aquatics TI6 at £88
Scubapro Mako at £81
Tusa x-pert II at £95

Now these prices are RRP and Halcyon dont discount whereas you might get ~£10 off the other makes if you shop around.

So myth bust no. 1 the Halcyon is the least expensive option if you want or need a titanium dive knife!

The knife isn't huge, with an overall length of just under 7 inches but with a 2.5 inch blade with both straight and serrated sides to the blade, a built in line cutter makes easy work of monafilament should anglers lines become an issue.

For a reason known to themselves Halcyon have fitted a stainless steel knob to the top of the knife, to be used 'for signalling against a tank or as a blunt tool'...I remain unconvinced but as a feature it's relatively unobtrusive so not worth harping on about.

The handle feels 'good' in the hand, even when wearing gloves and I didn't think that I would slip when cutting a piece of rope on a recent dive, on some of the less expensive stainless steel BCD knives the hard plastic handle does give this same leval of confidence.

The knife in place on my single rig

The knife is designed to be secured to your harness as shown in the photo above, snuggly fitted to the waist band and locked in place so that it can't drop off and be lost. Maybe halcyon have neen able to hold the price down as this simple webbing holder is much easier to manufacture than the multi-piece injection molded parts provided by other makers?

I also like the ring built into this knife, long term readers will know of my 'banging on' about ensuring your knife is secured via a lanyard of sorts, not to prevent accidental loss but rather than loss if you are tangled in line and not able to reach a dropped knife or shears! The other end of the nylon cord lanyard which I fit is simply secured to the loop at the top of the webbing holder, the shape of the handle also ensures that the cord can't become detached during normal diving. 

So in summary if you are lazy and don't rinse your stainless steel dive knife after each dive, then dry and grease it this may be just the knife for you. The argument about the relative 'brittleness' of titanium versus stainless steel will rage forever and I use both materials without becoming entrenched in either camp, you should make your own mind on that issue.

I like it, I use it and when the cheapy fitted to my twin-set dies I will replace it with one of these knives from Halcyon.

If you fancy one of these knives you could do worse than trying the chaps at Aquanuts in Plymouth:

Richies rating 9.5/10 : the only thing meaning a less than perfect score is the issue of stainless versus titanium. 

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