Kubi dry glove system

I do feel that having been diving for more than 30 years I am due some luxuries in my dotage to make leaping, or should that be rolling, into the cold North Sea slightly more pleasurable.

And to be blunt these dry gloves are a luxury, with people diving wet and semi-dry suit and good old fashioned 'wet-gloves' fitting dry-gloves would have had me muttering 'tart' under my breath not so long ago but increasing age and psioratic arthritis kicking in on various digits dry-gloves just seem the way forward.

Firstly the nuts and bolts of installing the system......are you a latex or neoprene cuff diver? Oh and just how risk averse are you?

To look at the risk averse question first, if you use latex seals and have 'faith' you can fit the suit-side of the system directly onto your suit. This is the easiest way but it makes the gloves an extension of your suit so should you hole the gloves then you have water in the suit, in theory there is a small contact area between your wrist seal and wrist but I am not sure that it will be waterproof, certainly it allows the ingress of air to your gloves which mean that you need to fit 'straws on strings' through your's a buggers muddle.

Now should you be more conservative like me, or indeed if you have neoprene wrist seals then you will need a 'false' latex seal fitted over the top of your existing wrist seal, this adds about £50 to the costs but makes things soooo much better/easier.

To fit the suit-side rings to your suit you will need three hands and plenty of suit lube which you need to add carefully or the whole thing becomes a slippery mess. Now the advantage of the system, the solid rings are aluminium so while you can bend them if you try really, really hard they won't simply snap as you are sweating and swearing centralising the latex false seal with an inside out suit. Fortunately this is the hardest bit of the job and once your suit is re-inverted it's all easy.

For easy instructions just go into youtube as a picture is worth a thousand and all that.....

On the boat fitting the gloves really needs a second person but we all buddy dive don't we? Some advise, pre-dive, would be to ensure that the seals are well lubricated, ideally with a quite solid oxygen free grease, most shops sell some 'white' stuff which is quite effective. Don't use beeswax, jollop or any other dry-suit zip lube it wont work and may make the job harder.

My other hints would be to put your gloves on and then 'click' the seals in place, this stops excessive air being trapped inside the gloves. if you are really stuck you might be able to work on the 'ring' using a solid, flat surface. It would probably be difficult but not impossible.

The gloves which come supplied are almost like thick marigold gloves, so take care and buy a spare set of the more robust textured gloves, they seem like they will last longer, certainly for a bottom grubbing pirate like me!

In summary the costs are not prohibitive, the system is £165 just about everywhere and I think that the supplier is being very careful about price cutting which would impact on some of their stockists, that said you might strike lucky and get a second hand pair from ebay or another auction site of your choice. Factoring in a drysuit mod at £50 plus a spare pair of gloves at £15 you are looking at about £230 for the system, which with standard wet-gloves retailing at about £40 isn't too prohibitive.

Richies rating 9/10; if you are involved in longer UK dives or dive all year round then these are the extras for you and to be honest the price isn't that prohibitive 'cos as a UK diver in winter you will already be paying £70 for a days boat diving (with air)


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