Hydrotac stick on bi-focal lens

Age will weary and mean changes to gear configuration.........the first being a loss of close up vision!

It was a few weeks ago on a dive where I was doing some multi-stage deco that I was struggling to read some of the smaller text on my computer, you know the moved from mask to the full length of the arm to see what is happening and struggling to see if the next stop is 16m or 18m. Something had to be done, I couldn't rely on the computer giving me a big down arrow!

Having looked at the various options in the first instance I decided to go with this inexpensive option so ordered a set of lens based on my latest prescription and I must say that the entire process from ordering to arrival was easy, the company accepted various methods of payments and sent out various emails to tell me that the order was accepted, despatched and had arrived. I can't fault this part of the process.

When the lens arrived they were securely packed and had simple and easy top use instructions, that said the text was very small and you can guess that you needed glasses to read it!

The lens themselves stick, or should I say adhere onto the inside of your mask and rely on a drop of water between the two to allow you to do some fine positioning of the lens. This is my main gripe , the lens are obviously designed to be clagged to spectacles so are obviously that sort of size. It would be 'better' if the lens were much larger and simply supplied as a square section of material to allow you to trim and then fit to the mask of your choice.

I tend to use masks with two independent lens, which are tear drop shaped with a large 'nose pocket' rather than a mask with a single lens or a mask with larger 'square' lens. This personal choice of mask means that these lens, as supplied, was a bit of a chew to fit but with a bit of jiggery pokery the lens were fitted where I felt comfortable, however with a dark nose pocket you have to use one or the other lens rather than look directly and use both.

Having tried the mask I must say that looking at and registering details on my dive computer was much easier, and incidentally taking macro photos was much easier and allowed me to take photos of greater quality so a double win!

Richies rating 8/10: A viable alternative to a prescription masks and a damn sight cheaper at just shy of £20, that said they could be a tad larger to allow them to be trimmed for a good fit to the varying styles of masks.

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