'J Nowill' SBS Titanium Dive Knife

Or maybe that should be dive sword?

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Halcyon Gaiter Wraps

A little bit of a 'why' when these first appeared on the market and then I thought, 'give them a try'! So after I've used them what do I think of em?

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Halcyon Exploration Pocket

Sometimes you make a fundamental error in purchasing a suit with insufficient 'storage capacity', by this I mean no-where to keep those bits and pieces that the typical UK diver carries, a lift bag.......a booty bag or get the general picture! Whilst you could send your suit away to have a pocket professionally fitted you could always do the job yourself using this item.

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Sovereign Diving (Seahouses)

In keeping with the ever expanding portfolio of 'Reviews' I am moving closer to home to give you my thoughts and opinions on Sovereign Diving, a company based in Seahouses who both operate boats and have a small retail facility.

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AP Diving Open Circuit Bailout Mouthpiece

An addition to the AP Diving rebreather range the Open Circuit (OC) Bailout Mouthpiece is a useful addition to your rebreather but at around £550 is it worth the cost?

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Waterfront Scuba Servicing Facility

When you find a really good servicing facility you should cherish it, and the guys at Waterfront do certainly deserve to be cherished!

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Waterproof G1 3mm 5 Finger Gloves

Gloves, who needs 'em?

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