Fins, tekkie or sport, standard or modded?

Having been diving more years than I can care to remember I am always a little intrigued behind the choice of fins and always look at the style and colour chosen by my fellow divers on a charter boat.

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Seabear H3 Dive Computer (Smart Watch)

I am really old school when it comes to computers regularly buying up and using VR3 units, however I decided to look at a more compact unit to use in specific dive applications.

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Halcyon 'H' Titanium Knife

I do like Halcyon kit, it's generally thought to be expensive but is good quality and will last. So what do I think of this particular BCD accessory, as it is termed?

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Lumb Brothers 'Crab Hook'

Ooooooh dear I can feel the arm-chair eco-warriors start to bristle but these hooks have more uses than simply 'hawking' various edibles out of their holes!

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Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe

Another strobe, another article.....This strobe is on a set-up that I have specifically for wide angle work, but why?

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Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe

It's a given that as you progress from a small camera in a 40m rated housing with a built in flash that you start spending some serious cash, you need to look carefully to see what is available, I think I did and this is what I bought!

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To wax or not to wax?

That is the question!

Being 'that time of year' thoughts do tend to drift towards storage of your gear and planning for the next year, so I thought, 'dry-suit zips!' what have I usd over the years and what is best, so read on....oh and if you haven't time for the full article just take away one piece of info...don't use WD40 

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